Trillion Dollar Highway Plans
= Multiple Bypass Surgery
a state by state list
High Priority Corridors
specified by Congress in 1991, 1995, 1998, 2005, 2012
NAFTA Superhighways
Corridors of the Future
J. Edgar Hoover Parkway: transportation surveillance,
mileage taxes, RFID & video tolling
Paving Appalachia:
Corridor A to X in AL, GA, MD, MS, NC, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV
Alabama Nebraska
Alaska Nevada
Arizona New Hampshire
Arkansas New Jersey
California New Mexico
Colorado New York
Connecticut North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawai'i Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Illinois Rhode Island
Indiana South Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas Tennessee
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Utah
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia
Massachusetts Washington
Michigan Washington, D.C.
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming

High Priority Corridor 2: Avenue of the Saints Corridor
St. Louis to St. Paul, MO - US 61, US 218, Iowa 27, I-380, US 18


High Priority Corridor 23: Interstate 35

The Interstate Route 35 Corridor from Laredo, Texas, through Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to Wichita, Kansas, to Kansas City, Kansas/ Missouri, to Des Moines, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Duluth, Minnesota, including I-29 between Kansas City and the Canadian border and the connection from Wichita, Kansas, to Sioux City, Iowa, which includes I-135 from Wichita, Kansas to Salina, Kansas, United States Route 81 from Salina, Kansas, to Norfolk, Nebraska, Nebraska State Route 35 from Norfolk, Nebraska, to South Sioux City, Nebraska, and the connection to I-29 in Sioux City, Iowa.


Des Moines IA southern beltway recently completed


Route 20 freeway has had major segments built in recent years, it will be a parallel interstate to I-80 (although without the "Interstate" nomenclature).


Highway 100 Extension Cedar Rapids

from: Smart Choices, Less Traffic: The 50 Best and Worst Transportation Projects In the United States, Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign, November 2012

This outdated project was conceived more than 30 years ago when gasoline cost $1.24/gal. It was first envisioned as part of a bypass around Cedar Rapids. Since then a town has emerged in the center of the proposed route. The proposed Highway 100 extension, a 3.8-mile, $200 million project, would add another 10,000 cars per day to the main street, Collins Road, causing congestion, air pollution, and dangerous conditions for people who want to walk or bike through town. Moreover, the Highway 100 extension would cut through Rock Island Nature Preserve, one of the most pristine nature preserves in Iowa. Rock Island Preserve contains prairie, wetlands, and woodlands and is home to rare and endangered turtles and butterflies. The proposed route through the preserve would fragment and degrade habitat while polluting air and water. The Sierra Club of Iowa is opposing construction of the project because the Environmental Impact Statement fails to look at alternatives outside of the preserve. Iowa DOT declared the project a priority in June 2012 and will be accepting construction bids in early 2013. The project is expected to be completed in 2017.